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Geneva Kneue is a typeface Liz Seibert and I designed using code. We relied on a mathematically-based programming language called Metafont. By allowing you to set up parameters, Metafont lets you create an infinite variety of letterforms.

Using our Geneva Kneue 'program,' users can alter a letterform's width, height, pen stroke, pen shape, slant, baseline, and superness
(the behavior of a line between points). The results are sometimes beautiful and sometimes weird, and the potential for creating new forms is endless.

A selection of Geneva Kneue (pro-nounced 'noy-a') families are currently set up as ready-to-use Open Type fonts. Email us if you'd like to find out more or play with our code.

We also presented this project at AIGA NY's Fresh Blood event in May 2013. You can see video of the presentation here (begins at 23:15).
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